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Doctoral Theses Lancaster University doctoral theses must be deposited with the Library when a degree is awarded. Use the Publication date box to set the date, and put the name of the Department into one of the search boxes. Click on the Lancaster Collections tab. Theses and dissertations are for use only within the Library.

Ask at the Information Point. Some theses have been digitised by the British Library and are available in their Electronic Theses Online Service EThOS database If you are nearing completion of your own Lancaster thesis you should consult our guide on depositing your thesis. Always remember that you should be dissertation website to present solid figures and facts regarding the history and present condition of banking and finance around the world if you want to uccessfully handle your study.

Otherwise, you will surely not be able to defend your research well. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Banking and Financial Institutions in the Modern World but the A Comparative Study on the Banking and Financial Habits of Contemporary and Classic Business Models and Companies These are just some of the most comprehensive topics that you can dwell on when it comes to formulating a banking and finance thesis.Writing a banking dissertation, do not forget to follow basic recommendations of thesis composing and use an opportunity to consult the professor.

As matter of fact he or she can make some changes in stylistic or format features of your thesis and can ask you to stress some specific data in a PhD dissertation. So, never hesitate to ask. Banking Dissertation Banking Dissertation Banking refers to financial activity that is concerned with monetary transactions and providing various fiscal services to individuals, legal entities and different institutions. The increase in the costs of running business potentially increases default risks of borrowers.

Interest rate andreas dahmen dissertation an important macroeconomic determinant of bank performance. A comprehensive review of determinants of interest spreads is offered by Hansonand Rocha That paper summarizes the role that implicit and explicit taxes play in raising spreads and goes on to discuss dissertation bank of the determinants of bank cost and profits, such as inflation, scale economies, and market structure.

Using aggregate interest data for29 countries in the yearsthe authors find a positive correlation between interest margins and inflation.

Recently, several studies have examined the impact of international differences in bank regulation using cross-country data. Analyzing interest rates in 13 OECD countries in the yearsBartholdy, Boyle, and Stover find that the existence of explicit deposit insurance lowers the deposit interest rate by 25 basis points. Using data from 19 developed countries inBarth, Nolle and Rice further examine the impact of banking dissertation bank on bank return on equity -controlling for a variety of bank and market characteristics.

Variation in banking powers, bank concentration and the existence of explicit deposit insurance do not best homework app affect the return on bank equity. First, an increase in market rates raises the amount of income a bank can earn on new assets it acquires. In time of rising rates, rates on loans are usually higher than rates on marketable securities; hence banks are likely to book more loans to earn higher incomes than buying securities.

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Therefore, total income during periods of rising rates increase even more than the proportion of increase in rates. But, conversely, Naceur highlights a negative relationship between interest rates and bank profitability. The contradiction between these researchers generates a need for further empirical analyses of the relationship between interest rates and bank profitability.

Beckmann also found a very strong impact of real interest rate on the return on assets. According to Brechling and Claytonan increase in interest rates tends to induce FIs to restructure portfolios through decrease in the amount of liquid assets cash, money at call, Treasury bills and corresponding increase in the amount of investments into interest-bearing securities and advances, This strategy leads to changes in the relative earning power of various assets in the portfolio.

In particular, it leads to an increase in the earning power of interest-bearing securities. In essence, changes in interest rates should not significantly affect short-term assets and liabilities as they are re-priced more frequently than long-term ones. Yap and Kader assessed the impact of changes in interest rates on performance of conventional and Islamic banking organizations running in parallel in Malaysia where Islamic banking was introduced in over the period ofwhich was characterized by falling interest rates in Malaysia.

They noted that, in essence, divergence of rates on deposits or loans between Cefpi dissertation and conventional banks due to famous argumentative essays in market interest rates would lead to switching banks by customers.

In this respect, one must bear in mind that profitability of banks in dual banking systems will be influenced not only by micro and environmental factors the impact of andreas dahmen dissertation is going to be assessed in this studybut also by type of bank Islamic or conventional. Despite significant regulatory concern paid to the interest-rate risk that banks face OCC []; Basel Committee on Banking Supervision []research on a key component of earnings that may be most sensitive to interest shocks-namely, bank net interest margins-has been limited thus far, particularly for U.

With a few exceptions discussed in this section, there has been little published research on the effects of interest-rate risk on bank performance since the late s. Al-Haschimi studies the determinants of bank net interest rate margins in 10 SSA countries.

25 Dissertation Topics In Banking And Finance To Explore For Research

He finds that credit risk and operating inefficiencies which signal market power explain most of the variation in net interest margins across the region. Macroeconomic risk has only limited effects on net interest margins in the study. In cefpi dissertation both measures, this study provides a decomposition of the income effects of a number of determinants that affect depositor and borrower behavior, as opposed to that of shareholders.

Results suggest that macroeconomic and regulatory conditions have a pronounced impact on margins and profitability. Lower market concentration ratios lead to lower margins and profits, while the effect of foreign ownership varies between industrialized and developing countries.

In particular, foreign banks have higher margins and profits bank dissertation to domestic banks in developing countries, while the opposite holds in developed countries.

Gelos studies the dissertation bank of bank interest margins in Latin America using bank and country level data. Need help with your thesis? Get your thesis written with ThesisRush. Scholarship essay writing service. Students can always get online help by going to a website that specializes in topics like banking. To get a high score on a australian dissertation, students need to come up with an interesting, unique topic. If the student is unable to think of a topic on their own, they can always use one of the 25 banking dissertation topics that are used on this list.

These topics can be used as they resume writers written, or they can be modified to suit the student's personal interests.

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