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This is a pretty good introduction.

Should Military Service Be Mandatory?

Only you have not included the point about women servicing in the military. Your topic contains that too. I also think that all young people should be involved - male and female.

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Even though these countries do like to keep their military strong, the men and women in the military may not be completely loyal to his or her country. In the United States the men and women that are not loyal to their country may.

Mandatory Military service is used by countries in order to form a more powerful army and nation overall. But this conscription method doesn't apply to all countries. In the United States this topic has been very controversial, and many have objected against it. Some countries impose mandatory military service even today. Among which are North Korea, which extends. The idea that Americans have to rely on a volunteer fighting force to defend this great country is very essay mandatory military service.

In fact, the number of U. S Soldiers has been reduced to its lowest number sincewhich then forces the military to depend on unstable and unprepared soldiers.The proverbial "rich man's war, poor man's fight" must be changed into every man's fight.

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Mandatory military service essay

Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Thus, they reason, the only true way to equitably staff a military is with volunteers. Whether a military draft is necessary to equitably and adequately defend the nation remains contentious. The conflicting values reflected in this debate are also reflected in the controversies explored by the authors in the following chapter.

Whether national service should be a necessary civic responsibility for all Americans will inform policy in the United States for years to come. Would you mandatory military service essay to see your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or teenager neighbor become hard working, respectful, disciplined, honorable, and prepared for life?

Would you like to see crime, teenage pregnancy, and substance abuse rates decline?

Essay on mandatory military service

No, this is not an advertisement for a magic pill; this is an argument for mandatory military service. Each passing generation produces teenagers who are more and more brazen, disrespectful, lazy, and ill qualified for success in the real world.

Thus, our society becomes more dangerous, depleted, and dishonest every year. With one simple albeit radical - move, our government could eliminate these problems and help our children and our country reach its potential. Mandatory military service, or conscription, could cure many of our societal ills and allow American teenagers to truly reach their potential.

Mandatory military service is one of the oldest forms of national service and is common to both democratic and non-democratic countries. Such democratic countries as Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey require male and, occasionally, female citizens to participate in military service when they become 18 years old.

These countries prove that conscription, when handled properly, can be an asset to the military, the society and the conscript.

There is the option of serving as a non-regular officer designate. The duration essay persuasive topics cadet training is roughly 4 months and 9 more months are dedicated for the actual service.

Adding the 1 month spent in rookie training, a cadet's conscription will last a total of 14 months. In the last month of his service the cadet takes the rank of second lieutenant.

This inconsistency was partly dealt with by abolishing the rank of sergeant for conscripts. The length of alternative civilian service for conscientious objectors to military service is 15 months.

Iran has mandatory military service for men which starts at the age of Duration of military service is normally 24 months but it can be also varying according to some conditions and circumstances. There is a month military service for general, 22 months for destitute areas and 20 months for boundary areas; there is two months for military education. There are exceptions for those who cannot serve because of physical or mental health problems or disabilities.

Students are exempt as long as they are attending school. The higher the education of a man, the higher his rank will be in the military service. Since and the commence of Iran's National Elites Foundation Bonyade Mellie Nokhbegan [84]students or university graduates who are accepted as members of this organization because of their special achievements, e.

The day mandatory military training is applicable even for those who are members of Iran's National Elites Foundation. The Iranian Parliament's National Security Commission is mulling over a plan to abolish the compulsory enlistment of Iranian men above 18 years of age in the military service, and to introduce an alternative plan that would make the army professional. Prisoners may be excused of their sentence to serve in the military at a time of war or to complete military service in exchange for a reduced sentence dependent on the nature of the crime committed.

Men reaching 19 years old who are not granted exemption from the military essay mandatory military service are not able to apply for passport, any form of employment, leave the country or collect any completed academic certificate. Israel drafts both men and women. All Israeli citizens are conscripted at age 18, with the following exceptions:.

Typically, men are required to serve for 2 years and 8 months, while women for 2 years. Those studying in a "Mechina" pre-induction preparatory course defer service until the conclusion of the program, typically one academic year. An additional program called "Atuda'i" for qualified applicants allows post-secondary academic studies prior to induction.

See also: Israel Defense Forces. There is a very limited amount of conscientious objection to conscription into the IDF. More common is refusal by reserve soldiers to serve in the West Bank and Gaza. Some of these conscientious objectors may be assigned to serve elsewhere, or are sentenced to brief prison terms lasting a few months to a year and may subsequently receive dishonourable discharges.

See also: Refusal to serve in the Israeli military. After a year their period of regular army service, men are liable for up to 30 days much less on average per year of reserve duty " miluim " until they are in their early forties. Women in certain positions of responsibility are liable for reserve duty under the same terms as men, essay mandatory military service are exempt once they are pregnant or with children.

Conscription occurs in North Korea despite ambiguity concerning its legal status. Conscription takes place at age 17 and service ends at Conscription first began before the Korean War. Under Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un these rewards have diminished. South Korea has mandatory military service of 18 army, marines20 navy21 civil service22 air force36 special civil service months. There is 3 years alternative for conscientious objectors from civil service in prison. In general, with very few exceptions, most South Korean males serve in the military.

Exemptions are granted to Korean male citizens with physical disabilities or whose mental status is unstable or questionable. When a Korean man becomes of legal age, he is required to take a physical check-up to determine whether he is suitable for military service. Any Korean male athlete who has won a medal in the Olympic Games or a argumentative essay mandatory military service in the Asian Games is also spared from the obligation.

There are some controversies portrayed in Korean media concerning special treatment given to celebrities. In Yoo Seung-juna Korean pop singer, became a naturalized American citizen to avoid his military duty in Korea.

For this reason, Korea has banned Yoo from the country and actually deported him. On 11 AprilMC Mong was sentenced to a suspended jail term of 6 months, probation for one year, and hours of community service. The following data is from 'Regulation on Public Servant Compensation', implemented on 1 January As of [update]all males reaching eighteen years of age must register for military service Servicio Militar Nacional, or SMN for one year, though selection is made by a lottery system using the following color scheme: whoever draws a black ball must serve as a "disponibility reservist", that is, he must not follow any activities whatsoever and get his discharge card at the end of the year.

Those with a community service interest may participate in Literacy Campaigns as teachers or as physical education instructors. Military service is also voluntarily open to women.

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A "liberated" military ID is a requirement to join the Mexican local, state, and federal police forces, also to apply for some government jobs, Draft dodging should military service mandatory essay an uncommon occurrence in Mexico untilsince a "liberated" military ID card was needed for a Mexican male to obtain a passport, but since this requirement was dropped by the Mexican government, absenteeism from military service has become more common.

Morocco eliminated compulsory military service as of 31 August[96] however, this law has been revised, and at 7 February officially restored compulsory military service. Norway has mandatory military service of nineteen months for men and women between the ages of 19 18 in war time and 44 55 in case of dissertation grants social science and NCOs.

The actual draft time is six months for the home guardand twelve months for the regular armyair force and navy. In OctoberNorway extended compulsory military service to women. The remaining months are supposed to be served in annual exercises, but very few conscripts do this because of lack of funding for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

As a result of this decreased funding and greater reliance on high technology, the Armed Forces are aiming towards drafting only 10, conscripts a year. The Norwegian Armed Forces will normally not draft a person who has reached the age of In Norway, certain voluntary specialist training programs and should military service be mandatory essay entail extended conscription of one to eight years. Pacifists and conscientious objectors can apply for non-military servicewhich lasts 12 months.

As ofthe Russian Federation has a mandatory 12 months draft. Some examples of how people avoid being drafted are:. In Russia, all males are liable for one year of compulsory military service up to the age of Inthe Russian government and State Duma gradually reduced the term of service to 18 months from 24 for those who will be conscripted in and to 12 months from and dropped some legal excuses for non-conscription from the law such as non-conscription of rural doctors and teachers, of men who have a child younger than 3 years, etc.

Argumentative essay mandatory military service

Also full-time students graduated from civil university with military education will be free from conscription from 1 January Allegedly, the amendment on the length of military service was introduced following the case of Andrey Sychyov. After Singapore gained its sovereign independence as an island-city nation, the Should military service mandatory essay Amendment Act was passed on 14 Marchunder which all able-bodied male citizens of at least 18 years of age were obliged by law to serve 24 months of compulsory national service in the Singapore Armed Forcesthe Singapore Police Forceor the Singapore Civil Defence Force to defend and protect the country as a sacred, honorable national duty above one's self.

Upon completion of the mandatory active full-time NS, they will later also have reservist in-camp training cycles of up to 40 days annually over a years period upon deployment to operationally-ready reservist units.

The majority of conscripts mandatory military service essay in the SAF due to its larger manpower requirement. During Basic Military Training, conscripts, known as National Servicemen, are assessed on their leadership capabilities over and above basic military skills.

All capable conscripts will undergo further vocational trainings to their trained roles and appointments for them to gain experience to move up the NS ranks. Initially, conscripts could not pick and choose their desired or preferred vocations due to manpower constraints and quotas. Sincehowever, this was changed as, when enlisting, individuals can indicate their preferred vocations.

SinceSingapore cut its mandatory military service period of 30 months to between 22 and 24 months, depending on medical health and physical fitness. NSmen represent the collective will of Singapore to stand up for itself and to ensure the security of the nation. Military service for Swiss men is obligatory according to the Federal Constitution, and includes 18 or 21 weeks of basic training depending on troop category as well as annual 3-week-refresher courses until a number of service days which increases essay on mandatory military service rank days for privates is reached.

It is also possible to serve the whole requirement at one piece, meaning no refresher courses are required. Service for women is voluntary, but identical in all respects. Conscientious objectors can choose days of community service instead of military service. Inthe socialists wanted to replace the mandatory conscription for men, by a voluntary based service. The Republic of China has had mandatory military service for all males since Females from the outlying islands of Fuchien were also required to serve in a civil defense role, although this requirement has been dropped since the lifting of martial law.

In Octoberthe mandatory service was shortened from twenty-four months to twenty-two months; from January it was shortened further to eighteen months, and from 1 January the duration has decreased to sixteen months. The ROC Defense Ministry had announced that should voluntary enlistment reach sufficient numbers, the compulsory service period for draftees will be shortened to fourteen months inand further to twelve months in ROC nationals with Overseas Chinese status are exempt from service.

Draftees may also request alternative service, usually in community service areas, although the required service period would be longer than military service. Qualified draftees with graduate degrees in the sciences or engineering who pass officer candidate exams may also apply to fulfil their obligations in a national defense service option which involves three months of military training, followed by an officer should military service mandatory essay in the reserves and four years working in technical jobs in the defense industry or government research institutions.

On 1 Augustthe Defence Minister announced that from on, Taiwan would have a purely volunteer professional force. However, males who opt not to volunteer will be subjected to three to four-month military training. Those who do not have a tertiary education will have a three-month training when reaching military age, whereas those who are receiving tertiary education will have to complete the training in summer vacations. Should this policy remain unchanged, although Taiwan will have a purely volunteer professional force, every male will still be conscripted to receive a three- to four-month military training.

Thus, aftercompulsory military service will still remain in practice in Taiwan. The Military Service Act B. ROTC students drill at a local military installation once per week during the school year for a total of 80 hours, with field training exercise at the end of the second year over the duration 3 days and third year over the duration of 5 against mandatory military service essay.

Those who complete the three-year program are exempted from conscription and receive the rank of acting sergeant E-6 upon graduation from high school. Students who do not complete the program or wish to enroll in the commissioned officer phase of the program can do so at their post-secondary institution.

Those who do not complete the ROTC program will be required to report for conscription in early-April of the year in which they reach 21 years of age.

Military service selection is done at a designated date and time at a local school or assembly hall. Each selection station has a quota for recruitment. The process begins with a call for volunteers. Those who volunteer will have the option to choose the branch of service and their date of induction. If the number of volunteers is fewer than the quota for the selection station, the remaining against mandatory military service essay will be asked to draw a card from an opaque box.

The box contains red cards and black cards. Drawing a black card results in exemption from military service. Drawing a red card results in conscription in the branch of service and induction date on the card. Service obligation varies by educational qualification. Those with a high school diploma or the equivalent and those who have one year of military service education are required to serve for two years if they draw the red card, but if these same individuals volunteer, the service obligation is reduced by half, i.

Those with an associate degree or equivalent or higher are required to serve for one year if drafted, but the requirement is reduced to only six months if they volunteered. University students can defer their service as long as they maintain the student status until reaching the age of 27 or obtaining a master's degree or the equivalent, whichever comes first. Undergraduate and graduate students who decide to volunteer are allowed by their institution to put their studies on suspension until the art essay of term of service.

All conscripts, regardless of educational qualification, undergo the same training and receive the same grade and rank upon completion of basic training: privateseamanor airman E In recent years the government has issued new guidelines for better treatment of transgender recruits. In Tunisia compulsory military service applies to all citizens from 20 to Those who are engaged in higher education or vocational training programs prior to their military drafting are allowed to delay service until they have completed the programs.

The duration of the military service is 1 year. And Conscripts Benefit a monthly allowance of dinars for holders of a should military service be mandatory essay school diploma or have completed at least two years of graduate successfully and holders of a higher technician certificate of vocational training and dinars for other recruits. In Turkeycompulsory military service applies to all male citizens from twenty to forty-one years of age with some exceptions.

Those who are engaged in higher education should military service mandatory essay vocational training programs prior to their military drafting are allowed to delay service until they have completed the programs, or reach a certain age, depending on the program e.

The duration of the basic military service varies. As of Julythe reduced durations are as follows: twelve write my essay online for privates previously fifteen monthstwelve essay on mandatory military service for reserve officers previously sixteen months and six months for short-term privates, which denotes those who have earned a university degree essay on mandatory military service have not been enlisted as reserve officers previously eight months.

Turkish citizens who have lived or worked abroad for at least three years can be exempt from military service in exchange for a certain fee in foreign currencies. Also, when the General Staff assesses that the military reserve exceeds the required amount, paid military service of one-month's basic training is established by law as a stopgap measure, but has only been practiced in reality once so far, and only applied to men of a certain age born in or prior to This was done in order to generate funds to recover from the aftermath of the İzmit earthquakewhich took place in the highly industrialized Marmara region of the country, and had a considerable negative impact on the Turkish economy due to the severe damage it caused to a significant number of residential and industrial structures.

Although women in principle are not obliged to serve in the military, they are allowed to become military officers. Conscientious objection of military service is illegal in Turkey and punishable with imprisonment by law.

Many conscientious objectors flee abroad mainly to neighbouring countries or the European Union as asylum seekers or guest workers. The options are either reserve officer training for two years offered in universities as a part of a program which means not having to join the armyargumentative essay mandatory military service one-year regular service.

It interferes with college and getting a job. In reality, they will learn more and be better prepared for jobs and school. Related Essays. A limited should military service mandatory essay offer! Save Time On Research and Writing. Get My Paper.

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