Silent spring summary essay

Silent spring summary essay

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Silent spring rachel carson essay

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The other was writing. In she gained an international reputation with "The Sea Around Us," whose soaring prose and subtle exploration of marine science put it atop the bestseller list for an astonishing 39 weeks. If all of this silent spring essays news to you, you're not alone. Famous in her lifetime, Rachel Carson is today largely unknown, except by people old enough to remember her work - or young enough to have learned about her in an environmental studies class.

But her legacy is enormous, and the controversy that greeted "Silent Spring" dominates public debate over the environment to this day. These chemical poisons were effective in controlling insects that damaged forests and food crops, and others that transmitted diseases such as typhus and malaria.

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Best research paper writing services in usa Best research paper writing services in usa reasons why cell phones should be banned in school essay. Not only humans but other animals, silent spring essay sheep and deer all the way down to bees, have been known to develop arsenical diseases. Several years elapsed before the Food and Drug Administration instituted a zero-tolerance policy on the chemical; before then, residues of this known carcinogen were allowable in food. DDT and other chemicals have been shown to cause cancer, yet these substances are still in use in Unlike most cancers, Leukemia is a cancer that develops quickly.

Since modern pesticides began to be used, the occurrence of leukemia has been increasing. Other cancers also have been shown to be the result of chemical exposure.

Several examples are given of individuals who developed leukemia after direct exposure to pesticides.

Silent Spring – Rachel Carson Essay Example

The mysterious origins of cancerous cells are explored. Cancer appears in many different forms, and it is silent spring summary essay that there are many different causes. One theory, the Warburg theory, is discussed involving damaged cells that survive through fermentation rather than respiration.

It also may explain why repeated small exposures to chemicals may be more dangerous than one single blast. The latter might kill cells completely, while the former may damage them only to the point that they become cancer-creating cells. The standards Warburg established show that most pesticides are perfect carcinogens because they interfere with the process of oxidation so vital to continued cell health.

Another theory of cancer involves damaged chromosomes. Again, chemicals can easily damage chromosomes and so contribute to cancer creation and growth, or chemicals may cause mutations, which then foster cancer growth. Silent spring summary essay chemical pesticides cause chromosome doubling, which can cause major physical problems, including cancer. Certain chemicals are drawn to bone marrow, and thus are very likely to cause leukemia in people exposed to them.

Children who are growing quickly provide ideal environments in which malignant cells can multiply. Some chemicals affect silent spring summary essay hormones, which in turn adversely affect the ability of the liver to resolve hormonal imbalances. This can lead to an excess of certain hormones, which at elevated levels will cause cancer.

Human beings are exposed to multiple chemicals that cause cancer. These exposures are uncontrolled. Exposure to certain substances may happen in many different ways, each one of which alone may be insufficient to cause harm; but in the aggregate result in cancer. Other substances may cause no harm until a person is exposed to both of them, so that their effects are combined, or one chemical may increase the danger of another substance - even something apparently innocuous, such as laundry soap.

Cancer may be caused in a two-step process involving exposure to radiation and later to a chemical. Essay on mothers water supplies are now frequently contaminated with detergents, which alone are not carcinogenic but can increase the susceptibility of certain body tissues to chemicals that cause cancer.

Just as we conquered many infectious diseases by improving sanitation and producing miraculous drugs, we must conquer cancer by silent spring rachel carson essay a cure and eliminating the environmental poisons that cause cancer. Medical experts believe that even if a cure were found, the rate of new cancers would far outstrip the rate of cured cancer patients. The good news is that humans have the ability to remove carcinogens from the environment, in contrast to a rampant infectious disease that humans did not introduce into the world.

The search for a cancer cure must continue for the sake of those who have already been exposed, in some cases over decades, to dangerous chemicals likely to cause cancer. For those not yet affected and for those not yet born, we can help prevent cancer by removing the substances that so clearly cause it. For many people inthis connection would have been relatively new because suny essay application dangerous chemicals were still being sold for household use as though they were innocuous to all but the targeted insects or unwanted plants.

Once again, Carson uses extensive scientific evidence, including figures and quotes from medical experts, to build her case. She explains how chemicals are understood to cause cancer in cells - again, relatively new information at the time. The major point of this chapter is that many cases of cancer could be avoided simply by eliminating many of the man-made carcinogens from the environment.

Carson is again pointing out the obvious solution, which also happens to be the best moral choice: humans must stop poisoning themselves and the generations of the future. Insects are genetically adapting to the chemicals we use - they are becoming resistant, but even worse than that, our silent spring essays attacks on insects have weakened entire ecosystems, so that the natural enemies of the targeted insects are destroyed, along with the targets.

This creates an ideal environment for the unwanted insects to reinfest an environment where their unfettered reproduction will not be challenged. Humans have been ignoring the powerful forces at work in the balance of nature and arrogantly asserting their dominance, which actually shifts the balance against them. Humans have overlooked two critical facts: first, nature provides the best ways to control insects; and second, a chemically weakened environment opens the door to explosive insect repopulation.

Insects are controlled by limitations on the amount of food available to them and by other insects - often an ongoing struggle for survival that is completely invisible to most humans.

Our lack of understanding has contributed to our arrogant and grossly overzealous silent spring summary essay of chemicals to the problem of insect control. If we worked at understanding the balance of nature, we could use its secrets to control unwanted insects without doing harm to our environment and ourselves. Some insects hunt others; some insects are parasites to others; some feast on aphids by the hundreds. Many insects are our silent spring essay, yet we have killed them along with the unwanted insects by broadcasting lethal chemicals across thousands of silent spring essays of insect habitat.

The balance of nature has already turned against us and will continue to do so as long as we continue to kill the good along with the bad.

Chemical battles against spider mites, red-banded leaf rollers, codling moths, and cotton-feeding insects have resulted in explosions in their populations.

Trying to eliminate one destructive insect in these cases resulted in a huge increase in an even more destructive insect.

Ironically, the extremely destructive corn borer is easily controlled by the introduction of its natural insect enemies - which cannot survive intense chemical attack. The scale insect quickly reasserted itself, and many expensive crops were destroyed. Chemical companies give enormous amounts of money to universities to support further chemical research, but hardly any money is given for research on natural, biological controls.

Natural controls do not provide the chance of making a fortune, but they are the only way the planet will survive in balance. A program of natural controls in Nova Scotia has proven that expensive chemicals are not necessary.

Human beings must give up their arrogance and learn to work with nature rather than battling against it.

Carson continues using the technique of piling fact upon fact and example upon example to build her case. She continues to add examples of the arrogance and apparent stupidity of those who apply huge amounts of chemicals with disastrous results - even in some cases after natural controls have been instituted and used with great silent spring essays for many decades. She again sounds the warning that humans must stop poisoning the world and instead must learn to work with the amazingly intricate checks and balances provided by nature.

With 'Silent Spring,' Rachel Carson started an argument that endures to this day - MPR News

Earlier, pre-DDT-era chemicals had become ineffective against some insects; Carson cites several instances. Post DDT, insects began to become resistant to chemicals more quickly. Now people interested in combating disease-carrying insects are realizing the seriousness of the situation because insects carrying deadly diseases grow to be immune to chemicals.

Silent spring rachel carson essay insects carry infectious diseases that are deadly to humans: mosquitoes malaria, yellow feverhouseflies dysentery and eye diseases silent spring rachel carson essay, lice typhusfleas plaguetsetse flies sleeping sicknessticks feversand many more. The use of chemicals to control these insects is no longer working, and indeed may have destroyed the natural forces that could be put to use in combating these disease carriers.

The insects persist in developing resistance to each successive new chemical. A number of examples are provided of insects repeatedly developing resistance to multiple chemicals. In many cases the diseases the insects carry have regained a foothold because of the failed chemical control of the insects.

In some cases, application of the chemicals has actually increased the population of the chemical-resistant insects. Many cases of chemical-resistant insects have cropped up in the U. It is unrealistic to expect to stay one chemical step ahead of the insects forever, yet that seems to be the approach of many in the chemical industry and farming.

The development of chemical resistance is a perfect illustration of natural selection. Scientists do not really know how insects develop resistance.

Silent spring essay

Some develop resistance within a few months, while others take up silent spring essays 6 years. Some people ask whether humans could develop resistance, but this is completely unrealistic; human generations last about 33 years, while several insect generations come and go within a month or so. We must change our approach to the use of chemicals for attempted insect control. As in earlier chapters, she augments her argument with layers and layers of frightening facts.

It is up to us to assert our right not to be poisoned. A huge variety of alternatives to the dangerous chemicals used ineffectively against insects is available. Whether they are already in use or in laboratory development or exist so far only in the imaginations of scientists, they are biological solutions based on the whole of nature and its intricate network of so many different kinds of life.

It is becoming increasingly clear that insecticides are more harmful to humans than to the silent spring essays we have sought to control with these chemicals.

One alternative method of insect control is sterilization, in which sterilized males of the species are introduced into the environment. When the sterilized males mate with females, the life cycle is interrupted, and a whole generation of insects is eliminated. Populations of pest insects such as the screw-worm have been wiped out with the method of disseminating large numbers of sterilized males. A number of other species are being tested for susceptibility to control by sterilization, in hopes that populations of disease-carrying insects, such as the tsetse fly, may be greatly reduced, thus improving healthful living conditions for thousands of humans and livestock.

Experiments are being conducted to test various methods of insect sterilization, some of which are chemical. We must exercise extreme caution, however, because widespread use of these new chemicals might put us in even deeper trouble that we are already in. Scientists are studying the chemical makeup of these substances, as well as of insect hormones. One success story is the creation of an artificial gypsy moth male-to-female lure; the fake lure is used to bait traps that capture the males for census work.

Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Essay

Another possible way to control some insects is through manipulation of their extreme sensitivity to certain sounds. Still other biological means of insect control have been around for many years. These involve manipulating the diseases and infections to which insects are susceptible. As mentioned in previous chapters, the hunter-and-prey relationship between certain kinds of insects can be used against the undesirable insects.

Similarly, bacteria and viruses and other microscopic creatures can be used to attack particular insects. A number of tests are being conducted on various crop-destroying insects around the world. Such methods are safe for humans because insect diseases are highly specific to insects; they are completely different from diseases that affect people.

Sinceabout species of insect predators and parasites have been introduced and established in the U. Only California has a formal program in biological control of insects; unfortunately, such research does not receive the monetary support that continues to be lavished on chemical research programs. Forests offer an incredible opportunity to cooperate with nature in controlling unwanted insects. Canada and Europe have gone much further than the U.

In Germany and School violence essay, red ants have been used very successfully to protect reforested areas.

Spiders are a huge part of the work of a pioneer in the field of natural forest protection, Silent spring summary essay.

Heinz Ruppertshofen. Incredible insect control can be achieved by maintaining an adequate spider population. Canada has used small mammals for similar purposes.

A single shrew can eat up to sawfly cocoons in one day.In comparison to Carson, I perceive myself to have developed my perception of nature through books however, my culture did not allow me to have a one on one interaction with nature. Carson fails to comprehend how traditional values potentially promote. To a large extent, the natural forms and habits of the plants and animals on the earth are shaped.

Such pollution is largely irreversible. This piece was written in It is a very richly worded excerpt, written with the intention of grabbing hold of the reader and opening their eyes to what she sees as a problem within the rise of humanity.

The main focus of the topic is that the overuse of insecticides and chemicals which are not only a problem but also a detriment to man as silent spring summary essay as nature. Carson makes silent spring essay very effective argument, bringing awareness.

Rachel Carson developed a clear thesis inside Silent Spring where every claim made in the book is supported with enormous substantial factual evidence. The overall theme of the book is calling for awareness and addressing issues with excessive usage of man-made and natural chemicals implemented into dissertation supervisors human life.

Although Rachel Carson focuses predominately on concerns surrounding the topic of. The quote is describing humans and how humans treat the plants here on earth. The quote describes a scene where humans continue to destroy plants because they feel that they are in the way or that the plants are not appealing to look at.

However, the plants. These effects include destruction of the environment, alteration of gene structures silent spring rachel carson essay plants and animals, water contamination, and an upset. The difference Rachel Carson made in ecology and environmental conservation with the silent spring essay of her most famous novel, Silent Spring, would be one of the major important outcomes of the 20th century. Carson graduated from college knowing she wanted to be an author.

Her first novel, Under the Sea-Wind, received positive reviews but was released a month before the attack on Pearl. Biography of Rachel Carson Rachel Silent spring summary essay is considered one of America's finest science and nature writers. She is best known for her book, Silent Spring, which is often credited with beginning the environmental movement in the United States. The book focussed on the uncontrolled and often indiscriminate use of pesticides, especially dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane commonly known as DDTand the irreparable environmental damage caused by these chemicals.

The public outcry Carson generated. Her book was based on and created from the feedback she received from these people. Naturally as a result and being a scientist herself the main approach in the book was scientific. Indeed a lot of the analysis consists of chemical formulas and reactions. In addition the book describes ecological process in detail alongside the main argument about chemicals. Carson takes a scientific approach in describing the inter-relationships between plants and animals and the environment.

Indeed many believe that Carson was the first to use and describe the term 'ecosystem'. Context and Background. Read More. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Silent spring essays 5. Carson brings forth a powerfully written work of literature that…. The real problems began rising when farmers starting using much more of the pesticide than were necessary. Farmers were using as much as two pounds of DDT per acre silent spring essay their crops, and not long after the effects were becoming….

With advance sales of 40 copies the book went on to be recognised in as the most influential book of the last 50 years, and was held in much the same respect and admiration as great works such as Karl Marx's 'Das Capital and Charles Darwin's silent spring summary essay Origin of Species'.

The complexity of environmental issues determines that the compulsory measures alone are not enough. The solution of the environmental problem still needs to depend on the consciousness…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

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