Phd thesis in speech recognition

In this thesis, the possible benefits of adapting a biologically-inspired model of human auditory processing as part of the front-end of a SID system are examined. Features are extracted by the SAI through breaking it into boxes of different scales.

Also, these features are compared to the Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients MFCCswhich is the most evident example of a feature set that is extensively used in speaker recognition but originally developed for speech recognition purposes.

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Additionally, another important parameter in SID systems is the dimensionality of the features. This study addresses this issue by specifying the most speaker-specific features and trying to further improve the system configuration for obtaining a representation of the auditory features with lower dimensionality.

Furthermore, after evaluating the system performance in quiet conditions, another primary topic of speaker recognition is investigated.

SID systems can perform well under matched training and phd thesis speech recognition conditions but their performance degrades significantly because of the mismatch caused by background noise in real-world environments. Achieving robustness to SID systems becomes an important research problem. From frequency to meaning: Vector space models of semantics. Colloquium Loria Previous talks. English writing and speaking skills are required in any case.

Context and objectives Under noisy conditions, audio acquisition is one of the toughest challenges to have a successful automatic speech recognition ASR.

Phd thesis speech recognition

Main activities The goal of this PhD Thesis will be devoted to speech recognition phd thesis innovative study of the taking into account of semantics through predictive representations that capture the semantic features of words and their context. References [Baroni et al. Now Colloquium Loria Previous talks. AB - In this thesis, research on large vocabulary continuous speech recognition for unknown audio conditions is presented.

Abstract In this thesis, research on large vocabulary continuous speech recognition for unknown audio conditions is presented. Enschede: University of Twente. Huijbregts, M. Enschede : University of Twente, N1 - Get the thesis manuscript at tdx. Abstract: Today, massive amounts of audiovisual content are being generated, stored, released and delivered, in part due to the virtually unlimited storage capacity, the access to the necessary media to produce them by anybody and anywhere, and the ubiquitous connectivity provided by the Internet.

Two variations of PBMs are described in detail.

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The first represents each phonetic unit with a set of time-frequency T-F "patches" which act as filters over a spectrogram. The model structure encodes the patches' relative T-F positions. The second variation, referred to as a "speech schematic" model, more directly encodes the information in a spectrogram by using simple edge detectors and focusing more on modeling the constraints between parts.

We demonstrate the proposed models on various isolated recognition tasks and show the phd thesis speech recognition over baseline systems, particularly in noisy conditions and when only limited training data is available. We discuss efficient implementation of the models and describe how they can be combined to build larger recognition systems.Are You New Here?

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Speech recognition using neural networks phd thesis 1995

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Phd thesis in speech recognition

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