Co-Curriculum Social Events


Co-Curriculum Social Events

Social Events are held in each Year Group each term.  We believe they are an important aspect of College life as it is an opportunity for students in the year group to interact with each other in a setting out of the School envrironment. It is a time where students and teachers can interact away from the text books.


Each term, an event will be determined at the commencement of the term. Students are provided with details on the event during Form Class.  Most events are a small cost as they are not complusory to attend.  All events require parental consent.  Consent forms are sent home along with the details of the event.


Included in the list of Social Events of course is the Year 12 Ball. This is held in the first few weeks of Term 1.  The Year 10 Formal Dinner is another major event towards the end of the year as well as the Year 11 River Cruise.  These nights are nights to remember!




The Year 12's at the 'Great Gatsby Ball 2014'




Having fun at the Great Escape




Looking dapper at the Yr 10 Formal Dinner 2014

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